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In accordance with the IBT Constitution and Local Union 229 By- laws it is suggested that you obtain a WITHDRAWL CARD when you are not working.† Before the card can be obtained, all financial obligations to the Local Union must be paid.

Withdrawal card

Withdrawal Cards:† will be issued on request for the following reasons:

1. If you are laid off

2. If you terminate your employment

3. If you are discharged

4. If you are out of work due to sickness or injury

5. If you are out of work due to workers compensation


It is the sole responsibility of the member to apply for a withdrawal card immediately if he/she is to be out of work for any of the above reasons.† Before a withdrawal card is issued the member must have paid all dues for the month in which the withdrawal card is applied for.† Please follow the procedure so you will always be in good standing with the Local Union.


Members must also be aware that obtaining a withdrawal card could disqualify a memberís good standing for the purpose of holding office or voting.† Members are reminded that when they do not take a withdrawal card and when they are in excess of three months delinquent in dues, a re-initiation fee of $50.00 as well as all back dues are required for the purpose of clearing arrears.


The cost for a withdrawal card is $ .50. Please contact the Local Union to obtain a withdrawal card request form. This must be filled out in order to obtain a withdrawal card.


Also, please be advised that you must contact the Local Union Office when you return to work so that your withdrawal card will be properly deposited. We have been instructed by the IBT to collect all withdrawal cards that are being deposited.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Local Union Office at 1-800-448-2290.